Nikki Swisher

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Nikki Swisher is President & Chief Executive Officer of Maui Brands International. The Maui Brands portfolio includes brands that offer high quality products and services on a budget. She has held this position since November 2013.

Nikki oversees the strategy of all companies inside Maui Brands International. Maui Whitening started and still remains the flagship brand inside the Maui Brands collection of companies.

Nikki has led the strategy and branding for Maui Whitening since founding it in 2013. She also serves on the company's formulation team in co-formulating all of Maui Whitening's products. The company's entire product line is made in the US and shipped fresh to dealer locations every month. She created a dealer network of Maui Whitening resellers to support entrepreneurs that wanted to offer laser teeth whitening in their cosmetic portfolio.

Prior to Maui Whitening, Swisher spent 6 years running a marketing agency that specialized in branding and startups and has been a licensed real estate appraiser since 2002. In addition, she spent 5 years teaching at the elementary level immediately after college. Her strong background in education has supported her in the creation of Maui Whitening’s Dealer Certification Program.

She has two children and lives on a horse farm in Ohio.

Ric Moody

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Maui Whitening, Ric Moody brings more than 40 years of experience in commercial business , specifically the retail sector, to the company. His experience and leadership have been heavily focused on helping Maui Whitening develop and deliver the best dealer solutions. He is heavily focused on operational strategy and helps drive profitable growth in various dealer markets.

With over 40 years in commercial real estate, Ric brings a wealth of knowledge to state expansion and dealer territory focus.

Mike Pecuszok

Chief Financial Officer

In terms of managing a company's monetary business Mike Pecuszok is an expert as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Maui Brands International. Since 2015, he has overseen the company’s entire financial portfolio as well as carefully financial projected the company's finances year after year. He is responsible for overseeing the budget across all departments and meeting with members of the executive committee to determine the viability and cost of different projects Maui Whitening engages in. Additionally, he uses his vision and leadership of the company, in order to determine the optimal financial strategies in order to ensure company growth both in the short term and long term.

Grace Swisher

Vice-President of Distribution

Grace Swisher is the Vice President of US distribution for Maui Whitening. She develops policies and procedures that optimize distribution processes and ensure compliance with established standards and regulations. She has the overall responsibility for distribution operations, including the transportation, warehousing and inventory management of products and salon materials. She ensures sufficient availability of product inventory to meet dealer demand and maximize sales. In addition, Swisher meets with the executive committee to help establish the overall directive and strategic initiative for the product line of the business. She serves as a top function to the distribution of goods throughout the Maui Whitening Dealer network.